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What Makes A Real Estate Market a Sellers Market Versus Buyers Market?

I am going to go through and help you identify the difference between a Sellers Market versus a Buyers Market.  A real estate agent will help you with metrics to differentiate between each type of market.  Please keep in mind, not all real estate agents are created equal, but if they are actively doing real […]

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Are Your Offers Getting Rejected? Check These 3 Items Immediately

We have been training new and seasoned real estate investors for over 16 years.  We have seen a lot of the things that will hold people up in their real estate business.  We have compiled a list of 3 of the most common mistakes that most real estate investors will make when they are making their […]

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Are You Considering Investing In Real Estate Remotely? You Need to Have These People On Your Power Team

Surefire Techniques to Finding Investor Friendly Agents

Are you considering investing in real estate remotely?  If you are, you should have the following people on your power team: Local Real Estate Agents Local Real Estate Wholesalers Local Bird Dogs Local Contractors Local Real Estate Attorney’s List of Local Cash Buyers Local Property Managers Local Title Companies Local Hard Money Lenders Local Small […]

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2 Different Types of Real Estate Agents: Cash Buyers Should Choose the Right One

Over the last 13 years, I have found that a lot of real estate investors settle for a Real Estate Agent that is okay.  Many of these real estate investors do not understand the different types of Real Estate Agents available in residential real estate.  Here are a few categories of real estate agent that […]

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3 Main Categories Of Cash Buyer You Will Find in Any Real Estate Market: Where is the Money in Today’s Market?

Not all cash buyers are created equal.  Yes, they all buy real estate in some form or another, but that is about as similar as each of these types get in any real estate market.  They evaluate properties in a variety of different ways and they look for different returns.  Some cash buyers are very […]

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Learn How to Find More Motivated Sellers In Any Real Estate Market

Are you struggling to find wholesale real estate deals that are not on the MLS? Are you getting all your wholesale real estate offers laughed at or just rejected? Does this mean wholesaling of real estate is dead? The correct answer is NO! It is still alive and well, but you need to tap into […]

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Retirement Account Cash Buyers – The New Breed Of Cash Buyers

Over the next few months and into the next year or so, you will see more people jumping into the real estate market.  The new breed of cash buyers are retirement account buyers who have decided to direct their funds toward real estate investments.  The problem is that this new group of investors are not seasoned real […]

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Cash Buyers Will Most Likely Give You The Following Responses When You Ask Them About The Profit They Need.

When you are qualifying your cash buyers, you will be gathering their investment criteria.  You will be asking your cash buyers what profit they are looking to make on each deal.  They will respond in one of the following ways:If they are a rehabber, they are a cash buyer who will be looking for a fixer […]

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Are You Building A Cash Buyers List? Know What To Expect When You Call.

If you are a real estate investor or a real estate wholesaler, you will probably be building a cash buyers list at some point in time in your career.  Do you know what to expect from that conversation?  Do you know what information you need to acquire from that conversation?  I want to help you […]

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Find Cash Buyers Using Your Linkedin Account

I have used Linkedin to build my real estate investing and real estate wholesaling business.  It has become an amazing opportunity to network with private money lender sources, hard money lender sources, hedge fund sources, investor friendly real estate agent sources, other cash buyers, real estate wholesalers,  asset managers, and contractors.  I wanted to share […]

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Real Estate Wholesalers & Cash Buyers Are You Having Problems Locating The Owners Of Vacant Properties?

I am in Cherry Hill, NJ this week looking for wholesale properties and income properties.  We were driving around a neighborhood yesterday and we came across a house that had sat vacant for well over a year.  The winterization sign on the property stated that it was winterized at least a year ago, which leads […]

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Cash Buyers & Real Estate Wholesalers: Adopt an Abundance Mentality Rather Than a Scarcity Mentality to Real Estate Investing

Recently, I met up with a local cash buyer who invests in mobile homes like I do.  We start chatting about different approaches we use and resources we have access to.  We asked each other questions about materials used to rehab and cost of labor to install.  Our conversation even covered how to find private […]

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