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Section 8

Most Common Fail Items for Section 8 Property Inspections

The Most Common Fail Items on a Section 8 Inspection 1) inoperable smoke alarms (batteries dead or missing) 2) missing or cracked electrical outlet cover plates 3) railings not present where required (handrails for steps most commonly required) 4) deteriorated paint surfaces (i.e. peeling, cracking, flaking paint on exterior and interior surfaces (lead-based paint is […]

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Main Areas that Section 8 Property Inspectors Investigate

After determining that the rent amount is reasonable on a section 8 voucher property, Housing Inspections staff will contact the landlord to schedule a date and time for the housing quality standards (HQS) inspection. Inspectors conducting Section 8 inspections will be looking for health and safety items, along with Federal housing quality standards and minimum […]

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Section 8 Landlord Checklist

 Here is a basic landlords checklist for section 8 housing choice voucher program: Landlords will want to note the Estimated Maximum Rent listed on voucher. If it is less than they are willing to accept in rent, the family is not eligible for their unit. Ensure that the Section 8 Voucher is current and be […]

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Check out Rental Rates Nationwide

I was looking for a great resource that helped me identify rent rates for a property I am looking into buying.  I have found that there are two websites that will help give some basics ranges for rents in a given area. You can have it search via zip code or address.  It […]

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