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California is Giving Away Money: Learn About the Who & Why.

California Real Estate

California has some pretty nice assistance programs they are offering homeowners who are in trouble. Check out the Keep Your Home California Program and the 4 options they are giving distressed home owners today. 1. Unemployment Mortgage Assistance — provides mortgage payment assistance to eligible homeowners who have experienced an involuntary job loss and are […]

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New Law Could Cost Investors Thousands

You may have heard of this thing called FEMA or something about flood insurance rates rising, but do you really know what that means for you and your investment properties? Today, I’m going to tell you what exactly is going on and how you should prepare yourself for the coming blows. Recently, Congress put into […]

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Why Should You Invest In Mobile Homes in Mobile Home Parks?

Would you have ever thought that a mobile home could be a great investment vehicle? Let alone a mobile home in a mobile home park?  No matter the stigmas and stereotypes, mobile homes are great little cash cows.  There are so many ways to make money from mobile homes, it would be a shame to […]

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Mobile Home Investors: Learn Why Mobile Home Park Owners Want Mobile Home Investors to Buy In Their Park

It might seem crazy to say this, but many mobile home park owners are turning to mobile home investors for help in filling their vacant lots, help with rehabbing abandoned mobile homes, and help them keep mobile homes in their park by buying them from mobile home sellers.  I will address why they are willing […]

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Considering Mobile Home Investing: Check These 3 Factors Before You Buy A Mobile Home In A Mobile Home Park

Anyone who is considering getting into the mobile home investing business needs to make sure they check a few key factors out first or else you stand to potetniall loss money.  If you do not check into these factors, you might have a few hidden expenses that could reduce your profit margin.  If you are […]

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Is Your Real Estate Market Heating Up? Are You Struggling To Find Wholesale Properties? I Have A Solution!

I buy Single Family Residences in Utah.  I have noticed that the inventory has decreased quite considerably within the last 9 months.  Therefore, the typical wholesale property is becoming harder to Get an offer accepted, because there is more competition in the market place from retail buyers and landlords.  I travel all over the country, […]

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Rehabbers Get Frustrated With FHA’s New Two Appraisal Requirement In Some Hot Markets

As I travel the nation, I find interesting nuances within different real estate markets.  One of the most recent nuances I have come across is the fact that in some markets FHA is requiring two different appraisals before they will approve and fund the FHA loan. FHA Appraisals Today, I am finding in some real estate markets that FHA underwriters […]

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Does The Floorplan Really Matter? Even More So In A Buyers Market.

In a recent post titled ” Can You Wholesale Properties in a Fast Moving/Sellers Market?…I Have the Answer“, I discuss what the difference is between a buyers market versus a sellers market.  I also give the example of Bismarck, ND in the USA right now where it is a sellers market. Based on my most recent […]

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2 Simple Ways to Quickly Learn About a New Real Estate Investment Market

Many newbie real estate investors who want to get into wholesaling or seasoned real estate investors looking to invest in a new real estate market look for sources that will provide details about that target investment area. Many people will start looking at the following sources: census, building & zoning department, department of transportation, police […]

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Northern Connecticut & Southern Massachusetts – Buy, Fix & Sell Mostly – Rental Potential Near Colleges

Windsor, CT – Buy, Fix, & Sell Vernon, CT – Buy, Fix & Sell market close to major highway & shopping Agawam, MA – Pockets of Buy, Fix, & Sell near main highways & good school districts West Springfield, MA – Buy, Fix & Sell & Rental near University

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