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Are You Considering Investing In Real Estate Remotely? You Need to Have These People On Your Power Team

Surefire Techniques to Finding Investor Friendly Agents

Are you considering investing in real estate remotely?  If you are, you should have the following people on your power team: Local Real Estate Agents Local Real Estate Wholesalers Local Bird Dogs Local Contractors Local Real Estate Attorney’s List of Local Cash Buyers Local Property Managers Local Title Companies Local Hard Money Lenders Local Small […]

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2 Different Types of Real Estate Agents: Cash Buyers Should Choose the Right One

Over the last 13 years, I have found that a lot of real estate investors settle for a Real Estate Agent that is okay.  Many of these real estate investors do not understand the different types of Real Estate Agents available in residential real estate.  Here are a few categories of real estate agent that […]

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Real Estate Wholesalers Learn The Indicators Of A None Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

What often happens to new investors and real estate wholesalers is that they find a real estate agent who talks a good talk and appears to send good properties to make offers on; however, when the real estate investor or real estate wholesaler really starts learning about the market they find that what the real estate agent […]

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Real Estate Investment Clubs Lead to Cash Buyers & Power Team Members

Many new real estate investors and wholesale real estate investors avoid one of the best and fastest ways to build your real estate and wholesale real estate business.  It is ashame that many real estate investors forgo this opportunity out of fear or even insecurity.  It is not as bad as it might seem.  Believe […]

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2 Simple Ways to Quickly Learn About a New Real Estate Investment Market

Many newbie real estate investors who want to get into wholesaling or seasoned real estate investors looking to invest in a new real estate market look for sources that will provide details about that target investment area. Many people will start looking at the following sources: census, building & zoning department, department of transportation, police […]

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Wholesale Properties Successfully & Consistently With This One Tip to Determing Retail Value

Where most wholesalers make mistakes is when they are running the numbers.  When you go to evaluate a wholesale deal, you must make sure that you are starting with the most accurate numbers for your retail value.  Some people will take short cuts by trying to determine a properties retail value using online sources such as […]

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Is Wholesaling Property Illegal?

I am in North New Jersey this week looking at wholesale properties.  I have a few new clients I am working with this weekend too.  One of them asked me ” I was told by my real estate agent friend that it is illegal to Assign Contracts in New Jersey”. I find that interesting since, I […]

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Get to Know the Power Team Members Essential to Your Wholesale Real Estate Career

Some possible people included in your wholesale real estate power team should be real estate agents,  mortgage brokers, title or escrow officers, private lenders, hard money lenders, appraisers, handymen, contractors, licensed property inspectors, property managers, accountants, other real estate investors, family members, friends, and real estate lawyers, all of whom should have experience in wholesaling real […]

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Finding Investor Friendly Real Estate Agents

If you are attending Real Estate Investment Clubs, you should ask those people who they work with or could recommend. In fact, you will find investor friendly agents at these meetings all the time.If you don’t want to go that direction, look in the newspaper, on craigslist, and other onlien sources for agents that are […]

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4 Ways to Find Real Estate Investor Friendly Real Estate Agents in Any Market

I travel nationwide looking for wholesale properties.  In each of these markets, I have used these techniques to find real estate investor friendly agents. There are alot of different ways to find real estate agents, but I will focus on the top four ways to find them quickly in this article: When you attend a real estate investment club, […]

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Agent Version of MLS Listings Saves Real Estate Investors Time and Effort

There are different versions of MLS listings.  You will receive the client version of the MLS active properties if you do not specifiy that you want the agent version or you are dealing with a retail buyer agent.   The agent version will give you a lot more details about the property.  There are a lot of […]

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