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Motivated Sellers

Learn How to Find More Motivated Sellers In Any Real Estate Market

Are you struggling to find wholesale real estate deals that are not on the MLS? Are you getting all your wholesale real estate offers laughed at or just rejected? Does this mean wholesaling of real estate is dead? The correct answer is NO! It is still alive and well, but you need to tap into […]

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Real Estate Wholesalers & Cash Buyers Are You Having Problems Locating The Owners Of Vacant Properties?

I am in Cherry Hill, NJ this week looking for wholesale properties and income properties.  We were driving around a neighborhood yesterday and we came across a house that had sat vacant for well over a year.  The winterization sign on the property stated that it was winterized at least a year ago, which leads […]

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Is Your Investment Area In An HOA? Are Your Bandit Signs Disappearing? Try Using Car Magnets

If you are struggling to keep your bandit signs up, you might seriously consider using mobile bandit signs aka car magnets. I have a few areas that I am buying properties in where the HOA is really on top of removing bandit signs almost as soon as they are put up, so it is just […]

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Are You Struggling To Find Wholesale Properties To Buy Or Pass Onto Your Cash Buyers? I Have The Answer

As I travel throughout the country, I have found quite a few real estate markets that have heated up quite a bit and there is a lack of listed inventory available.  Please note that I said LISTED inventory, I did not say inventory.  Those real estate investors and cash buyers who have been investing in […]

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Are You Making Money From Your Extra Motivated Sellers Leads?

Many of you have your marketing dialed in and you are getting calls from motivated sellers.   If your marketing is dialed into your target audience you will have more leads that meet your investment criteria or your cash buyers investment criteria than not.  The vast majority of your marketing will result in leads that you […]

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Cheap Bandit Signs to Find Motivated Sellers in Any Real Estate Market

Real Estate Wholesalers must keep marketing costs down and use effective marketing techniques to find motivated sellers and create great wholesale deals.  Cheap Bandit signs like these are effective and can be used by any wholesale real estate investor in any real estate market.  Many times you will attract cash buyers to call you too.

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Different Types of Auctions Where You Can Buy Wholesale Properties

There are a variety of different types of auctions where you can find great wholesale properties.  These auctions can be great places to not only buy great whoesale properties, but you can meet other cash buyers here too.  The main thing to keep in mind is that you will need to come to these auctions […]

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Motivated Sellers & Effective Direct Mail Campaigns to Find Wholesale Properties

If you are wholesaling properties, you are going to need to find motivated sellers.  I have two prior blog posts “Wholesaling Real Estate: How to Approach Sellers in Person who have a Distressed Property” and “Finding Distressed Proeprties When Driving Neighborhoods in Areas Where Cash Buyers are Buying” that identify how to find and approach […]

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Wholesaling Real Estate: How to Approach Sellers in Person who have a Distressed Property

In the blog post “Finding Distressed Properties When Driving Neighborhoods In Areas Where Cash Buyers Are Buying“, you learned how to identify distressed properties to pursue.  In this blog post, I want to introduce a way that you can approach these people & determine their level of motivation.  The first thing to keep in mind […]

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Finding Distressed Properties When Driving Neighborhoods In Areas Where Cash Buyers Are Buying

One of the many ways in which to find distressed properties in your target area is to drive through that area.  It is a great way to find properties that meet your cash buyer investment criteria.  When you drive the areas your cash buyers want to buy in, you gain a greater sense of what […]

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Reasons Why Sellers are Motivated to Sell a Property for Wholesale

Every real estate investor must be able to identify a motivated seller.  If you do not understand what makes someone motivated to sell a property for wholesale, you could waste a lot of time on a seller who is not REALLY motivated.  There are two main reasons why people are motivated to sell a property […]

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