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Mobile Home Investing

New Law Could Cost Investors Thousands

You may have heard of this thing called FEMA or something about flood insurance rates rising, but do you really know what that means for you and your investment properties? Today, I’m going to tell you what exactly is going on and how you should prepare yourself for the coming blows. Recently, Congress put into […]

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On 8/27/2013 The Trailer Park Gets Rocked! is please to announce the official launch of our sister website! This new site is set to go live on August 15th. As part of our excitement to share with you another investing strategy, you are invited to attend a free Mobile Home Investing Webinar on Tuesday August 27th @ 7:00 PM MDT. […]

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Cash Buyers & Real Estate Wholesalers: Adopt an Abundance Mentality Rather Than a Scarcity Mentality to Real Estate Investing

Recently, I met up with a local cash buyer who invests in mobile homes like I do.  We start chatting about different approaches we use and resources we have access to.  We asked each other questions about materials used to rehab and cost of labor to install.  Our conversation even covered how to find private […]

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Small Amounts of Cash Can Produce Large Returns With This Investment Niche

Mobile home investing in a mobile home park can produce a great rate of return, if done correctly. It is an investment niche that will allo you to be the cash buyer with small amount of money and large returns with income overtime when you sell with seller financing. I have created a 6 part […]

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Be The Cash Buyer – Mobile Home Investing Tips – Mobile Home Park Evaluation Part 1

If you want to be the cash buyer, but you have limited funds, you can buy mobile homes in mobile home parks for cash and make a great return in a short period of time.  I have some mbile home investing tips for you in this video.  You will learn how to evaluate a family mobile home park […]

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Why Should You Invest In Mobile Homes in Mobile Home Parks?

Would you have ever thought that a mobile home could be a great investment vehicle? Let alone a mobile home in a mobile home park?  No matter the stigmas and stereotypes, mobile homes are great little cash cows.  There are so many ways to make money from mobile homes, it would be a shame to […]

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Warning Signs & What To Stay Away From When Evaluating Mobile Homes For Repairs

When you are evaluating a mobile home, you must take into consideration the overall condition of that mobile home.  There are some repairs that will cost more than some mobile homes will be worth in the end.  The factors that impact the value are going to be the location, condition, and type of mobile home […]

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Mobile Home Investors: Learn Why Mobile Home Park Owners Want Mobile Home Investors to Buy In Their Park

It might seem crazy to say this, but many mobile home park owners are turning to mobile home investors for help in filling their vacant lots, help with rehabbing abandoned mobile homes, and help them keep mobile homes in their park by buying them from mobile home sellers.  I will address why they are willing […]

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Considering Mobile Home Investing: Check These 3 Factors Before You Buy A Mobile Home In A Mobile Home Park

Anyone who is considering getting into the mobile home investing business needs to make sure they check a few key factors out first or else you stand to potetniall loss money.  If you do not check into these factors, you might have a few hidden expenses that could reduce your profit margin.  If you are […]

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Is Your Real Estate Market Heating Up? Are You Struggling To Find Wholesale Properties? I Have A Solution!

I buy Single Family Residences in Utah.  I have noticed that the inventory has decreased quite considerably within the last 9 months.  Therefore, the typical wholesale property is becoming harder to Get an offer accepted, because there is more competition in the market place from retail buyers and landlords.  I travel all over the country, […]

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Real Estate Investors: Do You Have A Lead On A Mobile Home? Learn How To Find Mobile Home Investors To Pass These Onto For Cash & Future Referrals

Real estate investors from time to time, you might come across a variety of different types of seller leads.  In a lot of cases, these properties might meet your investment criteria, but some of them might not.  What do you do with those leads that do not meet your investment criteria?  If you don’t do […]

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Mobile Homes Make Great Cheap Investment Properties with High ROI’s

Mobile homes tend to be the “Red Headed Step Child” in the real estate investing industry.  Many real estate investors see these as wobbly boxes, tin can shacks, and depreciating assets with little to no security.  It is unfortunate that these small cash cows get such a bad wrap….well it is unfortunate for those who […]

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