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Do you have some cash buyers who are looking for rental properties to add to their portfolio?  If so, that is great, but do you know how to run numbers that will not make you look like a fool?  If you run numbers like you would for a Rehabber, you  are going to miss the […]

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Best Way to Capture Your Cash Buyers Attention When Selling Your Wholesale RENTAL Properties

I have seen many different ways that wholesalers offer their wholesale RENTAL property information to their cash buyers.  Some of these offerings have been less then effective in their ability to capture a cash buyers attention and truly convey the numbers that make the deal work.  The fact is that if you do not give […]

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Cash Buyers: Are You Buying Income Generating Properties? Learn Which Expenses Most Sellers Don’t Disclose

As I travel throughout the country, I realize how many cash buyers are buying income generating properties without ALL of the numbers being disclosed.  I think this is very unfortunate and saddens me that others in the industry think it is okay to sell a newer cash buyer on fictitious numbers.  So, I have decided […]

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3 Main Categories Of Cash Buyer You Will Find in Any Real Estate Market: Where is the Money in Today’s Market?

Not all cash buyers are created equal.  Yes, they all buy real estate in some form or another, but that is about as similar as each of these types get in any real estate market.  They evaluate properties in a variety of different ways and they look for different returns.  Some cash buyers are very […]

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Which Repairs Do You Make On A Newly Purchased Rental Property?

There are many schools of thought on this subject.  In some cases, you are going to have some landlords that will completely gut and remodel the property and then rent it out to tenants.  You have another school of thought that states that you clean it up to liveable condition and then rent it out […]

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Bird Dogging in Real Estate Should Be a Two Way Street: There is More Than One Way to Make Money

Bird Dogging in Real Estate There are a lot of people talking about bird dogging in real estate.  Specifically, they are referring to bird dogging wholesale properties to cash buyers.  It is the process of finding cash buyers and determining what they want to buy.  Once you have qualified your cash buyers list, you will know […]

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Single Family Residences the Best Investment in Today’s Economy: Warren Buffet Recommends on CNBC

On CNBC on Monday, February 27th, Warren Buffett said “ I’d buy up a couple hundred thousand  Single family homes if I could”.  Now we all know that when Buffet speaks that most investors will listen.  Well that is great news for seasoned real estate investors and newbie real estate investors, because we now have more […]

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Why Do Landlords Make Good Cash Buyers for Your Wholesale Properties?

Why would you ever want to call a landlord or even consider them as a good source as a cash buyer? If this landlord has been investing in real estate for any period of time and is making a positive monthly cash flow, they are a savvy real estate investor who is looking to continue […]

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So You Want to Be a Landlord! Here are 3 Pitfalls Most New Landlords Don’t Take into Consideration

Being a landlord is not always the most clear cut or easiest way to make money in real estate investing.  Many new landlords will not do sufficient research and they will buy a property based on limited knowledge about the area and the pitfalls of being a landlord.  You must do sufficient research to make […]

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Finding Cash Buyers Via For Rent Signs & For Rent Ads

For Rent signs and Ads….what why would I ever want to call on those?  Well you will want to after I tell you who is behind those For Rent ads and For Rent signs.  The people that offer properties for rent are landlords or property managers.  These people are either cash buyers or people who know cash […]

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Drive Your Areas & Identify the Best Wholesale Real Estate vs Rental Areas!!

Once you know where your wholesale property investors, rehabbers, landlords or you want to invest, you should start driving around in those areas to get a feel for the neighborhood.  There are a lot of information you can gather just by doing this simple action.  I was just down in Las Vegas a few weeks […]

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Most Common Fail Items for Section 8 Property Inspections

The Most Common Fail Items on a Section 8 Inspection 1) inoperable smoke alarms (batteries dead or missing) 2) missing or cracked electrical outlet cover plates 3) railings not present where required (handrails for steps most commonly required) 4) deteriorated paint surfaces (i.e. peeling, cracking, flaking paint on exterior and interior surfaces (lead-based paint is […]

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