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What Makes A Real Estate Market a Sellers Market Versus Buyers Market?

I am going to go through and help you identify the difference between a Sellers Market versus a Buyers Market.  A real estate agent will help you with metrics to differentiate between each type of market.  Please keep in mind, not all real estate agents are created equal, but if they are actively doing real […]

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Why is Wholesaling Not Working for Me? What am I Doing Wrong? – Part 1

Wholesale Real Estate Property

You are not alone.  Does that make you feel any better?  Probably not!  So, why are you having such a hard time wholesaling deals?  What are you doing wrong?  I wish it was a simple answer or a magical wand that I could wave to help you.  However, I will go through a few key […]

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Calculate Wholesale Offers on Income Properties that Landlords will Love.

Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

Do you have some cash buyers who are looking for rental properties to add to their portfolio?  If so, that is great, but do you know how to run numbers that will not make you look like a fool?  If you run numbers like you would for a Rehabber, you  are going to miss the […]

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Best Way to Capture Your Cash Buyers Attention When Selling Your Wholesale RENTAL Properties

I have seen many different ways that wholesalers offer their wholesale RENTAL property information to their cash buyers.  Some of these offerings have been less then effective in their ability to capture a cash buyers attention and truly convey the numbers that make the deal work.  The fact is that if you do not give […]

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Are You Considering Investing In Real Estate Remotely? You Need to Have These People On Your Power Team

Surefire Techniques to Finding Investor Friendly Agents

Are you considering investing in real estate remotely?  If you are, you should have the following people on your power team: Local Real Estate Agents Local Real Estate Wholesalers Local Bird Dogs Local Contractors Local Real Estate Attorney’s List of Local Cash Buyers Local Property Managers Local Title Companies Local Hard Money Lenders Local Small […]

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Cash Buyers: Are You Buying Income Generating Properties? Learn Which Expenses Most Sellers Don’t Disclose

As I travel throughout the country, I realize how many cash buyers are buying income generating properties without ALL of the numbers being disclosed.  I think this is very unfortunate and saddens me that others in the industry think it is okay to sell a newer cash buyer on fictitious numbers.  So, I have decided […]

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2 Different Types of Real Estate Agents: Cash Buyers Should Choose the Right One

Over the last 13 years, I have found that a lot of real estate investors settle for a Real Estate Agent that is okay.  Many of these real estate investors do not understand the different types of Real Estate Agents available in residential real estate.  Here are a few categories of real estate agent that […]

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3 Main Categories Of Cash Buyer You Will Find in Any Real Estate Market: Where is the Money in Today’s Market?

Not all cash buyers are created equal.  Yes, they all buy real estate in some form or another, but that is about as similar as each of these types get in any real estate market.  They evaluate properties in a variety of different ways and they look for different returns.  Some cash buyers are very […]

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What does the statement “HUD Guidelines 24 CFR 206.125” mean in MLS listings to Cash Buyers?

You will come across this type of statement “property to be sold as is only and is subject to HUD Guidelines 24 CFR 206.125” in MLS listed properties from time to time. You should know that this verbiage will affect how your offer is viewed and your ability to negotiate a deal that makes sense […]

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Have You Ever Heard This From A Cash Buyer, ” If The Numbers Make Sense, I’m Interested”

Most real estate wholesalers will receive the following reply from a cash buyer at least once in their career ” if the numbers make sense, I am interested”.  In fact , Moore times than not cash buyers will offer this reply to a real estate wholesaler to get them off the phone quickly or simply […]

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Even Cash Buyers Should Maintain A Cash Buyers List

Many seasoned real estate investors also known as cash buyers forget to keep up their cash buyers list.  What do I mean?  Any business at any time will be receiving leads from their marketing that do not fit their business model.  What do they do with this excess?  They should refer it to other businesses […]

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Part 1: Pass Wholesale Properties To Cash Buyers Faster Using This Wholesaling Technique

If you are a real estate wholesaler, who has a list of cash buyers ready to buy, you need to get your wholesale properties to your cash buyers quickly.  In some cases, you will run into some obstacles such as not being able to assign your contract when the property is owned by the bank […]

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